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Mental Training Foundations is everything I wish I would have known many years ago as an athlete, organized as a 7-module online home-study course that represents a step-by-step walk-through of the foundational psychological skills that elite athletes use to perform at their best.

The course covers the essential concepts from the science of sport and performance psychology, and with the specific demands of an athlete in mind, shows you exactly how to develop the ability to overcome anxiety, silence the inner critic in your head, develop self-awareness, increase focus, and play your best when the pressure is on.

It’s very similar to the one on one sessions I do with athletes – except you can proceed at your own pace, on your own schedule. If you’ve been interested in performance coaching but found it difficult to schedule, work out the logistics, or too much of a financial investment, then this home-study course might offer what you’re looking for.

What will you learn?


Self-awareness is at the foundation of any mental training program. Understanding yourself impacts not only your performance, but also your well-being. Students will learn to seek feedback from others, understand their values, as well as develop a personal philosophy.

(Included: 7 Worksheets)


Setting appropriate targets for yourself impacts your focus, motivation, and confidence. Students will learn a few goal-setting methods to start their process of planning their performance.

(Included: 2 Worksheets + Video example)


Learning to speak to ourselves in a positive and task-focused manner is crucial for developing confidence. In this module, you will learn positive self-talk techniques to build and sustain a sense of self-belief and confidence.

(Included: 1 Worksheet)


Imagery, or visualization, is the practice of seeing things through your mind's eye. Visualizing a successful performance activates similar neuro-pathways that can indirectly enhance performance.

(Included: 2 audio clips + worksheet)


With an influx of distractions nowadays, focus and concentration are becoming one of the most important skills one can develop. Students will learn how to enhance their focus through various means, in particular mindfulness meditation. 

(Included: 3 guided mindfulness audio clips)


Performance anxiety can be detrimental to your performance if left unchecked. However, a certain amount of anxiety is useful. You will learn how to change your relationship with anxiety through understanding the physiology behind it and various techniques to reduce its impact. 

(Included: 3 guided audio clips)


Mental and physical recovery is often overlooked in performance. But the science is clear; recovery enhances performance and reduces burnout. Students will learn how to implement various recovery strategies and how to view the path to mastery as a long game.

(Included: 1 worksheet)

What's in the course?

4 Hours of content

The course is structured around a series of voiced over slide lessons, where you’ll learn about the science behind each mental skill (but not in a boring, dry, textbook kind of way), and how to develop these skills through exercises and resources. All through bite-sized bits of information that are easily digestible for enhanced learning.

Altogether, you’ll have access to ~4 hours of presentations and video on the course material, which can be viewed on your laptop, tablet, or phone for convenient learning on the go.


Downloadable worksheets & audio clips

To supplement the lessons you’ll also get 12 printable worksheets and 8 audio clips to exercise and incorporate mental training drills into your practice.


Each lesson provides a bit of conceptual background on how each skill is related to peak performance, and then simple, straightforward guidance on how to develop that skill.


And More...

Links to various resources, videos, book & podcast recommendations, as well as exclusive access to the Sport Mental Training Questionnaire (SMTQ), a validated psychometric assessment to discover your mental strengths and weaknesses. 

You also have the option of adding on virtual calls with me to go over any questions or take a deeper dive into any topic for a reduced rate of $90.00 per session (Regular rate of MPT program is $499.00 for 5 sessions).


"Very useful and appreciate the flow of discussion!"

- P.G

 "Every information was very useful for me and I liked the format."

- J.B

This course is incredible- thank you for putting this all together to help athletes like myself work towards mastery.  

- JL

"The sites format is easy to access and engaging. Plenty of links and resources to use. Really giving everyone the opportunity to engage and work through the lessons themselves."

- Dexter, 2019 CFL Champion

“Loved the format. Presented complex concepts fairly straightforward. I also liked the order. Building the foundation with self-awareness and goal setting prior to moving onto more specific skills.”

- T.S

Start Training Your Mind

Mental Training Foundations Course

$99 CAD


7- mental skills modules


Downloadable worksheets & audio


4 hours of content


Lifetime access


Virtual calls at reduced rate

Enroll Now
  • Is taking an online course a substitute to working one on one with a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) or psychologist?
    Although online courses are great for personalized learning, they should not be used as a substitute for working with a trained professional one on one, especially if you feel you have a mental health condition. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in working one on one!
  • Who is this course for?
    This course is designed specifically for athletes aged 14 plus. However, it's also great for parents of athletes that might be too young, and want to get a better understanding of how to teach mental skills. Coaches will also benefit from the course, learning how to implement and design a mental training program. Some of the lessons are targeted at how coaches can improve their training environment. Although the language is sport specific, even non-athletes would benefit from taking this course as mental skills apply to all aspects of performance, whether that is the "executive athlete", musicians, writers, or students.
  • What if I don't enjoy the course. Will I get a refund?
    Yes! If you are not completely satisfied with the course, please contact us within 10 days of purchase to process a full refund.
  • Do you offer any group discounts?
    Reach out to us to create a customized team package that can include access to this course for all your athletes.
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