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team bottcher brier champions

Marek has been an instrumental part of our team this past season! His ability to facilitate conversation and tailor each session to our needs has helped us achieve success. Our work with Marek has strengthened our team cohesion and helped improve our communication on and off the ice. We are looking forward to continuing the relationship and hopefully achieving more success together in the future!

TEAM BOTTCHER, 2021 Brier Champions

Dexter Janke CFL champion

Marek has helped me immensely in understanding myself not only as an athlete but even more as a person. Psychology has always been an interest of mine, I’ve been able to build a solid foundation myself through my schooling. But adding Marek to my support staff has been immeasurable. He’s acted as a mirror opening so many doors for me. Leading to a more conscious understanding which ultimately leads to more efficient practice habits. I recommend anyone looking to maximize themselves to spend some time with Marek!

DEXTER JANKE, CFL Grey Cup Champion, Team Canada Bobsleigh

Alex professional triathlete

ALEX , Professional Triathlete

Marek became a part of my life when I knew I needed help, but was also full of resistance to change. As an endurance athlete we spend a lot of time thinking, contemplating and attempting to harness a state of calm, but I felt I couldn’t get to that place easily by myself. After a handful of sessions with Marek, hard training sessions became more manageable and I feel more prepared mentally for racing. After taking some time off triathlon training, and having some injury setbacks, I never thought I could race again. I not only got back to triathlon, but began training and racing at a higher, more consistent level than before. He helped me understand the relation between our attitudes towards life and how it relates to sports performance. He helped me to push boundaries that were holding me back from inner potential. Marek’s sessions are comfortable, safe, two-sided but goal oriented and productive. I have recommended him to all athletes I coach and believe he is a great asset in sports performance.

Denzel basketball player and marek komar

DENZEL , Professional Basketball

I had just returned from my first year of pro basketball, where I was challenged more than ever. At times I found I got very down on myself and struggled to stay confident in my game. While I have known how to workout and train myself, I was very new to meditation and how to properly prepare myself mentally for competition. I met with Marek several times where he taught me the importance in how I prepare for training mentally, as well as how I talk to myself throughout training and competitive games. Simply put.. it has changed my ideals and my game drastically as I have found the importance of confidence and the role it plays on performance. Now I find myself focusing on what I can control and not dwelling on mistakes which for athletes is a major factor on performance. I would highly recommend athletes learning to train their mind as it has gotten me through tough workouts, mental mistakes and more.

Stanley professional boxer edmonton

Big thank you to my buddy Marek of Flow Performance who I've been working with on my mental performance. His teachings helped me stay more relaxed and focused on a daily basis. Your mind will quit before the body does. Being mentally strong goes a long way in this game.

STANLEY , Professional Boxing

BRAD, Court Reporting Student

At the age of 42, I decided to return to Canada after residing overseas for almost 20 years, switch professions completely, and enrolled in a Captioning and Court Reporting program. The move back to Canada, not to mention going back to school where most of my classmates could be my children, was overwhelming to say the least. I became very nervous and anxious about the future, which had a huge impact on my performance. I was at wit’s end when a classmate suggested I see a performance psychologist. I met with Marek, and he helped me to not only reduce my performance anxiety, but also the pressure that I was putting on myself. My performance has improved remarkably and I am also better able to enjoy life outside of school instead of spending so much time dwelling on my perceived failure, which in fact was not failure at all. I would recommend Marek to anyone who seeks to improve their performance no matter what field they are working or studying in.

BLAIR, Weekend Warrior

After one session, my overworking anxiety and negative self-talk came right to the surface, and we agreed that I would most certainly benefit from continued work with Marek (for the record, I think everyone would benefit from working on psychological fitness in tandem with physical performance). We covered topics such as goal setting, confidence, mindfulness, and meditation. I really can't describe what a difference this has made for me. I have better learned how to observe and detach from negative self talk, and how to be mindful by disconnecting from distractions and tiredness, and focus on the moment, my drive, and ability.

BRIAN, Strategic Planning Advisor

The career coaching sessions have been one of the best investments I have made. The insights that I've gotten from Marek have been amazing, and very helpful in planning my career path. I'd highly advise anyone seeking any career advice to reach out to him!

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