At the end of the day the only person that can take you to the next level, is you. But we can provide the tools to enhance your well-being and performance along the way. Individual sessions include evaluation of current state of athlete's mental toughness to build a baseline on which to work upon, as well as building self-awareness of how our minds impact our body and performance through self-assessments, mental skills training, and biofeedback. A more holistic approach is taken as we try to promote a better athlete and a better person.

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VIRTUAL SESSIONS (via remote video chat)*






For those who want to add the mental tools to enhance their performance. 5 sessions covers the basics to train your mind for peak performance. 



  • Five (5) Sessions- Aimed at improving mental skills, well-being, and performance

  • Mental Assessment Profile (MAP)- psychometric data to assess cognitive strengths & weaknesses

  • Access to worksheets and resources to help you continue training on your own, including 40 guided mindfulness audio clips

  • Continued support via e-mail, call, or text (WhatsApp)

  • Single sessions can be added on afterwards as a maintenance option at a reduced rate**

Note: Flow Performance does not treat or diagnose mental illness. In such a case, a referral will be made, but work can still continue in regards to performance enhancement.

*Note: As of mid 2020, Flow Performance is moving to a virtual office. In person sessions are not currently available.

**Note: Rate for individual session after the 5 sessions is reduced to $90.00. Individual sessions outside of the MPT package are $115 per session. Sliding scale is available for University/College students, and for those who require financial support.


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